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Fire Risk Assessment

Since the Introduction of the Fire Safety order of 2005, All commercial and Business premises require a Fire Risk Assessment to be carried out by a responsible person with very few exceptions.

Employers and those responsible for business premises such as Hotels, Factories, offices, healthcare, Nursing homes and Shops now have the sole responsibility and full liability placed on them to provide an effective Fire Risk Assessment.

Terence Martin can provide you with a cost effective solution. Our Assessors are trained by the Fire Protection Association and are members of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

Our comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment of your premises will include:

  • Signage
  • Fire Fighting equipment measures
  • Escape Routes
  • Training
  • Equipment maintenance

We can help you by carrying out your comprehensive Fire risk assessment at your premises with your appointed responsible person, Identifying any potential risks and providing a full report, along with recommendations to ensure that should a fire occur, you have fufilled your responsibilities under the Fire Safety Order.


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British Occupational Hygiene Society
ABBE Accredited
Stroma Accredited
Elmhurst Accredited
The Institute Of Fire Engineers