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Refurbishment & Demolition Asbestos Reports

This survey is required prior to any construction, in particular the refurbishment or demolition of parts or whole buildings. Current legislation states that site specific information must be available to all contractors and personnel about the presence of asbestos to enable the associated risks to be addressed prior to the commencement of any works.

During the Refurbishment and Demolition Survey samples are taken of any substance that the surveyor suspects could contain Asbestos. These are then analysed by UKAS Accredited Laboratory staff with the results certificate, presented as part of the report, made available next day.

The location and description of all asbestos containing materials will be identified.

The Survey is of a destructive and intrusive nature in order to gather as much information as possible on all asbestos containing products and materials.

The Survey would be undertaken by a P402 fully qualified Assessor and the report is compiled by the same Assessor.

Our Laboratory sample costs are amongst the lowest currently found in England and Wales.

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